What work programme is all about?

With around 2.5 million people of working age receiving out-of-work benefits (excluding incapacity benefit) the rate of unemployment is still much too high.

The Government have therefore sought to tackle this by initiatives such as The Work Programme. Run in conjunction with Jobcentre Plus, the Work Programme is available explicitly to unemployed people who are in receipt of any of the following benefits:

    • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).
    • Jobseekers Allowance (JSA).
    • Income Support (IS) (in England only).
    • Incapacity benefits (in England only).
    • Pension Credit

Participation is mandated by Jobcentre Plus attendance for which can prove to be difficult at times but through training and dedicated one to one support, clients undergo an intense programme committed to improving confidence, building necessary skills and ultimately finding sustainable employment.

Clients will stay on programme for up to 2 years and will remain in contact with their dedicated Advisor even after they have been placed into work. As an employer you can expect on-going support from us with reviews and training being provided to clients for up to 52 weeks after the Job Start.

Attendance Requirements

In accordance with our Service Level Agreement, we are required to have meetings with clients at least every fortnight. We find that clients experience optimum levels of improvement and personal growth through frequent attendance and mentoring and we therefore encourage participation as often as possible which can range from daily to fortnightly.

All appointments are agreed mutually in advance so as to not infringe upon any other activity or meetings with Jobcentre Advisors. Clients will undertake formal training, mentoring and coaching with their Advisor as well as workshops that will include job searching techniques and mock interviews.

Mentoring and Sustainability

Each of our Advisors are trained to provide information, advice and guidance to clients throughout the course of the programme, and we will even continue support once a client has secured employment for up to 2 years after starting work. We can offer mentoring and advice as well as formal training and even apprenticeships. Advisors are always on hand to help with problems experienced within the workplace or at home and are dedicated to aiding clients keep the job they’ve worked so hard to secure.

What next?

We can also offer support to employers who may require clients to undergo further training or qualifications. The team on Work Programme are dedicated to helping clients and employers work together for a sustainable future together and are always on hand for support.

Additional information

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