Prepare for a job

Our end goal for clients is sustainable employment, it is therefore very important to have a plan of how this will be achieved.

During their first appointment, clients are paired with an Advisor who will work with them to create a Personal Action Plan. The Action Plan will detail specifics such as what the client wishes to achieve whilst on programme, this can be personal as well as formal training for example improve confidence and interview skills. They will also plan how this will be achieved; are there any workshops that can be provided, formal training or work placements available. The Action Plan is individual to each client so no two will be the same; it is a working document that will evolve over the course of the programme as the client’s needs change.

Advisors will also discuss realistic job goals with clients, including which employers are currently recruiting in the local area, what qualification requirements the employers have, what skillset they are asking for. There is help provided for completing job application forms, writing a CV and interview skills. 

If you need help with job applications, a CV or interview skills, we have courses available to help you. There are lots of ways we can help you make the move from welfare and benefits to wages, all at your own pace. We have links with lots of local employers and can help you get the right job for you.

We understand that the transition from being on welfare and benefits to wages is a difficult one to make, our Advisors are therefore able to talk through the advantages of being in employment and how clients can be much better off financially.

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