MIC senior staff meet with His Excellency Zaid Noori

MIC is pleased to announce that a meeting between His Excellency Zaid Noori, Consul General of the Republic of Iraq in Manchester and senior officials of Manchester International College took place in Manchester on the 4th Feb 2013.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore high-level joint training initiatives in Iraq with a focus on English language teaching, capacity building, governance and management development.

As a result, it was agreed that Manchester International College will offer a series of bespoke executive programmes focusing on the needs of leaders and managers from both the public and private sectors throughout Iraq.

HisExcellencyZaid Noori

Above from left to right: Mr Stuart Morrison; Mr Sharjeel Nawaz; Ms Catherine Oxley; His Excellency, Ambassador Zaid Noori, Dr Mustafa Abdulhussein; Dr Ishan Alawie Hussain (Consul and First Secretary); Mr John Carroll and Mr Ammad Al Azzawi

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