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At MIC, we take our teaching and learning very seriously. Here's what some of our students think of the college and their courses...

kor flag South Korea

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안녕하세요 제 이름은 권민우 입니다. Manchester International College 에는 4월부터 8월초까지 다녔습니다. 우선 스텝들 굉장히 친절하고요 선생님들 정말 많이 노력하시고 다들 잘 가르치십니다 .

그리고 학원에서 소셜활동 많이 제공해줘서 친구들 만들기회도 더 많았고 영어 할 기회도 더 생겨서 좋았습니다. 그리고 가장 좋았던점은 한국인이 저 혼자여서 한국말 쓸 기회가 전혀 없었던 점이었습니다. Manchester International College를 다니기 전에 다른 학원에 6개월정도 다녔었는데 MIC가 만족도가 훨씬 높았습니다.

한국 학생분들께!!
제가 영국에 일년 있으면서 느낀점은 영어를 빠른시간 안에 많이 늘리고 싶으시다면 가능한한 한국말을 적게쓰고 영어만 쓰시는게 가장 좋은 방법 같습니다. 그리고 더좋은 방법은 영국친구 만들기!! 학원 근처에 가격 저렴하고 좋은 pub이 두개 있습니다. 하나는 The Zoo 목요일 저녁 7시 이후에  pint가 1 파운드. 다른 하나는 The Footage 여기는 수요일 가시면 저렴한 pint 드실 수 있습니다. 제가 이곳을 언급한 이유는 이 두곳이 영국친구를 사귈수있고 영국친구들과 이야기 하면서 영어 실력 늘릴 수 있는 곳이기 때문입니다. 가셔서 real Manchester accent 배워보세요!"

Min, General English & IELTS

mic quote

This is the best school in Manchester. The library in the school is good and the best thing about the MIC is the levels. My classes are all at the right levels for my English, so I feel very comfortable here"

Jay, General English


portflag Portugal

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I like studying here because we learn English in a very dynamic way with a lot of resources available. The staff are amazing: always prepared to help!”

David Perpetua, IELTS Preparation

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Everything was great. If I came back to Manchester sure that I came back to the College”

Eva, General English


turkey Turkey

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MIC is a very nice school: the location is nice, the teaching is very good and the teachers are very friendly. I am a lecturer in a university in Turkey and I am here in Manchester to do some research. I need a good level of English in order to do my work, and I feel that my level has improved a lot since studying here at MIC. I also like Hazel's class very much!"

Kemal, General English

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MIC has a good learning environment. The staff are very friendly and there are lots of social activities to take part in."

Tarkan, General English


spain Spain

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I think MIC is a very friendly school with good native teachers. I like the Computer Lab classes and the Listening Classes as they help me a lot. I am learning English so that I can teach Biology in English in Spain!"

Marta, General English

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Today I feel so happy because I have received the First Certificate results and fortunately, I passed it with a C grade! Thank you very much for helping and teaching me during the English course. I am absolutely convinced that part of my achievement is because my teachers at MIC."

Oscar, FCE Preparation

mic quote

I came here from Spain for 3 months. Manchester International College is a good place to learn English with very friendly teachers. Also, is a very well organised College. Manchester is a wonderful place to visit!"

Alberto, General English

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I was here for 2 months and I really enjoyed it. The teachers are all skilled and very helpful, there is a familiar atmosphere in the college. The college is located in a perfect location in Oxford Road.I recommend you to study here."

Victoria, FCE Preparation


libya Libya

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MIC has lots of friendly and helpful teachers! My favourite class is IELTS as I need to get a good IELTS score to go to study Medicine at University of Manchester"

Aza Hasan, IELTS Preparation


mexico Mexico

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I hope this is not the end of a great relationship with you guys. Thanks for your time, attention and generous way of teaching me during the last 3 months.  In my opinion, this is the best academy to study English in Manchester.”

Carlos, General English

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I enjoyed so much this school, I found a very good teachers a good level, I'm very happy here, I love the activities extra class, because permit students to know more people and practice our language. I like so much the building and all the school because it's really modern and comfortable."

Jeanette, General English


venez Venezuela

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I'm very happy with MIC teachers.  I think that they work very hard and help us with everything. I love the FCE class!"

Eva, FCE Preparation


thai Thailand

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I started my English course here since Oct 2012, and at the present I am move up to the advanced level. Teachers here are very helpful ,they can help you at any time. I fancy studying here."

Aroonsi, General English


senegal Senegal

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I like so much this school, teachers are good, I can improve my English. It's a good place, you should come here!"

Mamadou, General English


france France

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I enjoyed this school, I meet here nice classmates and all the teachers are nice and patient with the students."

Yohan, General English

mic quote

I appreciated to be in this college which is nice. Everyone is of good mood. Friendly teachers and class-mates. I really improved my English and if I could come back to this college, I will do it again."

Alexandre, General English


italy Italy

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MIC is a nice friendly place! Here, you feel at home."

Francesco, General English

mic quote

The MIC building is cool! The student lounge is nice as I can relax and talk to new friends. I like this school"

Guilio, IELTS


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