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When you are trying to secure yourself a new job it can be a challenging and a difficult process. Sometimes you may not have the experience or qualifications you need – this is where the Manchester International College can help!

An Apprenticeship is a fantastic way to get you on the career ladder, develop your experience; gain National Recognised Qualifications’ and earn money on the side. An Apprenticeship can help you on your way to a long and rewarding future in the workplace.

Why choose an Apprenticeship?

By becoming an Apprentice at Manchester International College, here are just some of the benefits that you can expect.

  • Complete qualifications and training while being paid and receiving the same benefits as your colleagues
  • Learning both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that prepare you for your career
  • Work with people who understand the industry you have chosen and have experience they can pass on to you
  • Spend time working with people of all ages and abilities and develop your confidence, communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • Gain qualifications that set you up for your career of choice and/ or progression onto higher education.

To see a full list of questions and answers regarding Apprenticeships. Take a look at our Apprentice FAQ's.

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