Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG)

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IAG is an integral part of the learner journey, playing a key part in helping individuals to understand the benefits of learning, helping them to overcome any learning barriers they may be facing and understanding the skills they can gain through study with us.

All of our centres aim to deliver effective careers or educational information and advice to our learners.

Do you need information?

We can help you either in person, by telephone or by email to make informed decisions about learning we offer and the work opportunities this can lead to. Our advisors are here to provide appropriate information and advice.

Do you need advice?

You may need more than just straightforward information and this service can be provided with a person-to-person service. This may include helping you with the interpretation of information related to our courses.

Do you need guidance?

Guidance can help you increase awareness of the opportunities open to you and help you to recognise your own strengths and abilities, identifying skills and knowledge gaps. On some of our programmes such as Employability and Foundation Learning, we offer an in-depth assessment of your strengths and how these can be used in the world of work.

How it Works?

Providing you are honest and open with your Tutor about your needs, we aim to address a wide range of questions and concerns which you may have regarding your learning or work. We will offer an impartial and confidential IAG service to all our learners and provide access to a range of IT, Skills for Life and vocational training courses.

Should you require assistance beyond our remit we will signpost you to organisations such as the National Careers Service who will be able to provide support and services to enable you to reach your goal.


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