Foundation Learning at MIC

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At MIC we recognise that you may have left school with no fixed idea of what you want to do or you may lack the confidence to talk about what your future ambitions may be.

Foundation Learning starts with an Initial Assessment of each individual’s ability, aspirations and interests which then allows your Tutor to identify your learning plan.

All learners are given a tailor made programme of learning with agreed targets and goals that enable them to progress. The learning plan, or ILP, helps learners to move forward through the programme towards the next stage of learning, whether that is an Apprenticeship, further education or employment with training.

The length of the programme will depend on each individual’s need, as a general guideline the average programme will be from 08-36 weeks, starting at 12 hours per week and you can attend full or half days, depending on your circumstances, usually Monday to Thursday.

Learners are supported by initial advice or guidance. This enables us to identify the most suitable learning programme for each individual and any personal or social development issues.

One of our main areas of focus is to target the soft skills required to enable learners to overcome any barriers preventing them from entering the world of work, such as team working, positive attitude, punctuality and problem solving.

Following the initial engagement onto Foundation Learning each learner is provided with support for Maths, English and ICT to help raise the core skills they need and vocational skills that employers are looking for. Learners are given the opportunity to work towards the achievement of qualifications in the areas in which they are interested and in employability to allow them to develop their understanding of the workplace.

Flexible programmes of learning are provided for each individual, which are made up from the key components of Maths, English and ICT, Employability and the vocational elements required.

As learners develop their knowledge and become confident we will source a work placement to support their learning within their chosen vocational sector.

Whatever your need we will be able to devise a programme to suit you.


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